Moving Memories on DVD by Oakford Miller

Oakford Miller Moving Memories on DVDMoving Memories on DVD is a service dedicated to producing your collection of photos, video, and favorite music into a broadcast quality production on DVD.

We work with you to create unique arrangements of movies, stills, and any other images, accompanied by the music of your choice. We can also restore damaged photographs and/or accompanying music.

Our custom DVDs deliver an emotional, nostalgic, upbeat feast for your senses. Perfect for family or professional tributes and events. Each DVD is truly a work of art.

Our customers' responses have been overwhelmingly positive.  Quotes include:

  • "Amazing"
  • "The artistry and organization is incredible"
  • "There wasn't a dry eye in the house"
  • "I get choked up just thinking about it"
  • "Oh My ... Oh My ..."
  • "This is a far cry from Home Movies!"

  • Moving Memories on DVD is a culmination of artistry and engineering gathered over years of experience in the fields of media conversion, digital editing, and custom DVD authoring at Oakford Media LLC.  

    Oakford Miller Custom DVDsFor more information about our flagship service, please contact Oakford Media here.
    Thank you for considering our Moving Memories on DVD service.
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