Custom DVDs, Video CDs, Disk Catalogs
Film Transfer and Conversion

  Add Musical Scoring
Add Value with DVD Interactivity
Marketing Material Repackaging
Disk Tracking and Reporting
VHS • AVCHD • Beta • 8mm
Super 8 • Digital • DV
Photos • Slides • Artwork

Archive your movies, videos, photos, and music into an elegant, easy to use package. Expand marketing to a new medium to increase sales. Let our services produce for you a compelling presentation using a standard format in a durable medium.

Our customers appreciate the portability and ease of use of our products. Just put the DVD into a player, and choose which chapters to enjoy. Contact us when when you're ready!

  • Perfect for Portable Marketing / Training Material. Let your audience see and hear your products in action. Options for Disk Tracking and Reporting are available.

  • Personalized Service and Professional Results. Every DVD and CD is unique with attention paid to detail. Talk to an artist/technician personally before and during production.

  • Convert your Film, VHS, S-VHS, Mini DV, 8mm, and High 8 tapes to DVD, CD, CD Business cards, MPEG, DiVX. Optional editing, music, and personalized design make for a unique experience.

  • We'll score your movies or marketing material with your favorite CD, LP, or Cassette music. Audio restoration can be added to your project to remove scratches, noise, hiss, and turntable rumble so your old audio sounds clearer and richer on your DVD or Blu-Ray disk.

  • Send in your Digital Video for high quality development to DVD, CD, and CD Business card.
  • We offer full duplication services.

  • No software to install besides an Internet browser or DVD player .

CD Catalogs, CD Business Cards

Elegant, Durable Multimedia
Portable, Cross-Platform Information Sharing

Interactive digital catalogs are the perfect solution for display, marketing, sales, insurance, archiving, inventory management, and more.

Our clients show their products and collections on CD, DVD, CD Business card, or notebook computer, rather than carting around dozens of portfolio books, binders and videos. With our catalogs you can:

  • Broaden audience participation
  • Enhance impact with video and audio
  • Preserve sensitive works
  • Fit your portfolio in your pocket
  • Track disk usage after delivery with monthly or weekly reporting
  • No software to install besides an Internet browser or DVD player
The cool thing is:

We write custom software to combine collections of information such as video, photos, documents, correspondence, and other assets. We design the interface according to our clients' specifications. The result is a cost effective, multipurpose, portable catalog on CD, Business card CD, DVD, Portable hard disk, or any network environment, including the Internet.

Technically, the catalog is a preprocessed, data-driven web site on disk, readable in today's most prolific media devices.

No Special Software Needed to use the Catalog:

CD catalogs will automatically run the default internet browser installed on the users' PC or Mac when the CD/DVD is inserted, or when a shortcut clicked.

Add Multimedia Enhancements to Your CDs and CD Business cards:

There are several features that we can build into the catalog to enhance the user experience, such as audio and video.

Web Integration:

The catalog can also integrate with your existing web site, password protection and all. Click here for more information on web site development.

Disk Tracking:

We offer reporting on disk usage so you can see results for any campaign.

What does our customer value?

Our customers value quality images, portable/multipurpose media, an intuitive user interface, sortable/searchable indexes, copyright security, superior design, cross-platform technology, accessibility, and visibility.


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